Meet The Maker


My name is Elizabeth and I very much enjoy the art of crochet. I do dab a bit in knitting, however crochet is more of my heart and soul. I’ve always love creating by hand, and have a deep love for handcrafted items. Growing up I was in theater, choir and even an opera. Which is far from the fiber arts that I enjoy now. Still, my love of handcrafted items stayed with me. It wasn’t until recently that I got back into crochet. I did learn the basics as a child, but never truly understood it. Until now. Each item I make is handcrafted and laced with a memory that I hold dear to my heart. I hope to bring you a bit of laughter and joy and hope that you enjoy my makes. Creativity is the key to the soul.

My Life

In 2002, I married a wonderful (he still is) man by the name of Timothy. We met online in 1999 (the early internet days of dial up connections, AOL). We attended college together, and have had many shares of ups and downs. During this time, I dabbled in web design. I even owned a few blogs. It wasn’t until 2016 that my love of yarn was reborn. I’m certain this is what you came to read, the yarn parts. So let’s get to it!

When I was 5 years of age my late grandfather’s mom, taught me to crochet. She felt that I had the ability to crochet. I learned a few basics and soon I was making mini clothing items for my dolls. Nothing fancy but I was proud of what I could do. For a time I was into choir, and theater, and didn’t really think of yarn, or any type of fiber art. My mother did teach me to cross-stitch, but for some reason, I could not stick with it. Then one day, the fiber bug hit me

It happened at Barnes and Noble, in 2016. I found a book by Twinkie Chan. I didn’t buy it at the time but I was intrigued with her work. (I now own both her books on digital download) Perfect for beginners and advanced crocheters, alike. It was that very day that I wanted to relearn the art of crochet. The very first book I did purchase is called Stitch N Bitch: Happy Hooker Crochet. This book contains everything that is perfect for beginners and for those who are seeking to relearn the craft. After that, I felt like I could take on the world, one stitch at a time.

My very first make was an adorable amigurumi cupcake from a book called Amigurumi World, Seriously Cute Crochet. But unfortunately my cupcake turned out looking like a meatball, but because he was my first make, I kept him. (Check him out, below) Fast forward to now, I still have much to learn and have even dabbed in a bit of knitting. I even purchased another Stitch N Bitch book called The Knitter’s Handbook. Each day my love for fiber art grows, and each day I learn more.

At this very moment in time I am quite invested in this craft, and am lucky enough to have my husband on board as well. He is always feeding my yarn habit, encouraging me to do my best, and of course he and I collaborate on designs. Let’s see what else the future has in store for my fiber art journey. Thank you for being by my side and supporting my hobby/business.

Stay amazing dear friends. Cheers to you and to all your wonderful endeavors, and thank you again for taking time out to know me a little better.

My First Amigurumi “Cupcake” (Looks like a meatball)