How To Keep Crochet Edges Straight

Sometimes when we crochet, we are left with this ridged looking edge that almost looks like it was chewed on. Instead of adding a stitch or two or three at the end of each row, DON’T! The results will surprise you. In the images below, I have set two example. The one of the right shows each sample with an added chain or two at the end of each row. The one of the left, shows each sample without any added chain(s) at the end of each row.

Notice how the left photo shows a lot of ridges at the end of each row. This is what we don’t want. We want our edges to look neater and more put together. Now look at the photo on the right. See how much smoother the edges look? This is usually how I do my work. I don’t add a chain at the end, unless a pattern calls for it, otherwise I don’t add an extra chain.

Another thing that you can do, and I have seen this on patterns before, is add a starting chain to  the start of the row, only! This will give your piece a different dynamic.

How do you do yours? Do you prefer to add a chain at the end of each row or do you leave it out? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to compare and contrast.

I hope this short tutorial helped to understand how to keep those edges looking neater. Let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to help. 👍🙂

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